"The In Team is a great place to meet new friends, learn about local business to partner with and for those who like to share new ideas with like minded people this is the place to be. Love the early morning meetings makes great way to start the day." - Louis Keehn

"I've been networking for our family business for the past 6 years and have never experienced such a fun and energetic group to belong to! The members are excited, the format is lively and allows relationship building which is the core to helping support each others business's. I absolutely love this group and look forward each week for more opportunities to make new connections and strengthen those already made!" - Diane Springer

"I love the ability to chat and network with the 6 people at your table! I feel like people are more engaged in what you have to say and interested in getting to know you and your business. Great Group!!" - Richel Renee

"Today was my first time experiencing this group! All I can say is WOW! Lots of business professionals to network with and a very fun and exciting atmosphere to do it in!! I am hooked and will be signing up!!" - Sara Justus Speegle

"The emphasis on building RELATIONSHIPS vs just advertising is what I love. The ability to connect with a smaller group each week, enabling you to better get to know all different industries and people. The building of real friendships. So much that I love about this group!" - Marcell Loomis

"I absolutely love what the IN Team is all about. Building relationships and supporting each other. This is a stellar group of people. I feel so honored to be part of this group." - Tina Taylor

"I love getting to really know the people and about the businesses they own sitting at my table. The energy is high and the sharing sincere." - Nancy Broach

"This is a fun networking group. With a lot of energy and great people to network with!" - Mindy Smolinsky

"This is a great forum for small business owners and an awsome atmosphere for making great connections" - Paul Smith

"I loved the format of the IN TEAM. It's great having more time to share in an intimate setting while still being around lots of professional networkers!" - Ben Leavitt

"I had a great time meeting lots of awesome professional people today! Thanks for inviting me out!!!" - Karin Parham

"Hands down the best networking group in the South Sound." - Richard Wold

Join the IN TEAM to benefit from the power of intentional networking!