How to Help A Local Charity Through Real Estate

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This morning I had the privilege of meeting up at Mixx 96FM in Olympia with RE/MAX agents Kathryn Dunham and Geia Roberts. We had an interview with local broadcaster Dick Pust to educated others about ‘We Donate Together’. We Donate Together is a Passion Team of Real Estate Brokers serving the Puget Sound area.

Members of our team have committed to donate up to 20% of their gross commission earnings to charitable causes of our clients choosing. This organization has been in existence for about a year, and has already donated thousands of dollars to local charities.


How does it work?

New clients who are either planning to buy or sell Real Estate in Western Washington are encouraged to visit and fill out an online application. Our founders will then refer them to Passion Team brokers working in your area. The client decides who they will work with for the transaction.

Once they commitment with the Passion Team broker and they have helped with the purchase or sale of a home, the broker pays a portion (up to 20%) of their gross commission, as a closing gift, to the We Donate Together organization. We Donate Together founders will contact the charity the client chooses and presents them with the donation..


What does that charitable dollar amount look like?

If you are a buyer in the market for a home with a price range of $300,000 and the commission being offered to the Passion Team broker is 3%, the closing gift amount donated can be as much as $1,800. For a small charity, that one donation can make a huge difference!

Now, imagine what it would look like if we had a dozen home buyers and sellers all subscribing to this program and donating to the same charity. This is a game changer for sure!


Can I work with any broker to qualify for this program?

The short answer is ‘no’. You can certainly ask your broker of choice if he or she would be willing to donate part of their commission to your preferred charity. Our Passion Team brokers, however, are openly committed to providing this resource up front. Additionally, there are checks and balances involved through We Donate Together to keep the process honest and accountable. The founders are directly involved ensuring the closing gift is paid to your charity.


I am not in the market as a buyer or seller, but I have a charity that needs help! What can I do?

We are continually seeking local charities who would benefit greatly from this program.

1)  If you have a charity you would like us to know about, we encourage you to contact us and share it through the website.

2)  Sharing this program with people you know who may be in the market either now or in the near future to buy or sell a home.


Is there any cost to the consumer for this program?

The closing gift paid to your favorite charity comes from the Passion Team broker’s commission. There are no additional fees or costs for any consumer beyond what would already paid as part of the transaction.


I’m really excited to be part of this Passion Team.

I hope you will help me share this with others. We have plenty of local charities that need our support. We have a great team ready to make a difference for our communities.  Sharing this with someone planning on buying or selling real estate in the local area helps all of us.


Ed Kunkel Jr. is the managing broker and Realtor® at RE/MAX Profession

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