How To Share Locations With Google Maps’ New List Feature

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We at Centerless Imagery want to keep you up-to-date with new additions to Google’s products. One of the latest features added by the Google Maps team is the ability to share a custom list with other Google Maps users. It is a great way to further organize your digital life!

As we have grown in our networking skills, we have learned sharing things with others, whether it be with other IN TEAM members or those you have connected with online, is a great way to collaborate. To be effective, it should be quick and easy.


Google Maps’ New List Feature

The “lists” feature on Google Maps is a great way to share referrals with other networking partners. In addition to helping other businesses, you can easily build a list of referrals to share with employees. This is an excellent way to help generate leads for your team. Real estate agents can also share a list of properties with clients. The best part is that it can all be done on the go. No more forgetting the name of a place or where it is located. Make a list and add to it. The following is a tutorial on how to build a list on Google Maps, and how to send it to someone else.


Google Maps List TutorialGoogle Maps New List Feature

First, search the name of a location on Google Maps. You can locate the search bar at the top of the app. Enter a location. When that place appears, tap on the name of the place at the bottom to bring up the business profile.

On that business profile, tap where it says “SAVE”. It is to the right of the website icon.

Creating A New List In Google Maps





After tapping this, the list options will appear on your screen. The “+” sign can be used to create a new list.



Creating Your New List In Google Maps

When you create a new list, you can name it. It’s helpful to name the list the recipient’s name since the sender’s name is created automatically.

Sharing Your List

Sharing Your Google Maps lists




Now, you are ready to share your list. On the top left corner, there is a back arrow. Go back one click. Then, on the top left corner, there will be three bars. Click on the bars to go into settings. Select “Your places”. Tap on “SAVED” in the center. Your newest list is on the bottom of the saved lists. Tap your new list.


Share this list in Google Maps


When the list opens, you will see a share icon on the upper right. If you open this, it will ask you to share the list. Hit continue. When you do this, you will get many options. Since most of your business acquaintances are on Facebook, this is a great option. Swipe until you find the Messenger icon.


Sharing Your List In Google Maps Through Facebook Messenger






Select Messenger, and wait for it to open. Type the name of the person with whom you want to share this Google Maps list. Send this message.


Sharing lists is very helpful for everyone who is looking for referrals, helping co-workers, or sharing information with clients.

How could you see yourself using Google Maps list feature?


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