How To Enhance Your Inner Sparkle

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“I have a closet full of clothes and nothing to wear!” “I don’t know how to put a great look together.”

“I’d LOVE to go shopping but have who has the time? Online shopping is such a gamble – because you can’t touch, feel or try it on!”

“Wearing the same ol’ top and bottom every day is so drab. “

How many of you have had similar thoughts?


The Three Simple Rules

Did you know there are THREE simple rules that can completely transform your look from drab to upbeat and trendy? Using these three rules will help you create a professional look—even in JEANS!!! It’s just about building that outfit. I am going to share a secret with you.

SHHHHHHH…. You can’t tell anyone!

You probably have everything you need in your closet right now!

What? Yup. You have everything you need.


Rule #1: Neutral Base Layer

How many neutral bottoms do you have? Skirts? Pants? How many neutral tops do you have?

Wait, wait, wait…  what do you mean by “Neutral?”How To Enhance Your Inner Sparkle; Ruthanne Tedder Premier Designs

I was just reading on Nancy Nix-Rice’s blog that finding your neutral has less to do with the black the fashion industry pushes and more to do with your hair color – natural or otherwise. When I read that, my jaw dropped. Last July at the Premier Designs Rally in Dallas my team wore Leopard print and it was my first time. As a strawberry blond, I was amazed at how much the browns in the leopard print really warmed up my normally very pale complex.

In the context of jewelry you can expand a little further out with any solid color.  The first rule is wear a neutral foundation whether it is top/pants, top/skirt, or a dress. A solid color and/or neutral bottom go a long way in building the rest of your wardrobe.


Rule #2: Completer Piece

This is where you bring in the trendy items of the season. This spring the 1970’s are How To Enhance Your Inner Sparkle - Completer Pieceback! Bell sleeves, flowers, bold stripes, light flowy colors, and fringe. Boho is in!

Completer pieces include scarves, structured jackets, leather jackets, sweaters of varying lengths and vests.

Gentlemen, this is really wear you can shine! By adding a completer piece in the way of a vest or a structured tailored jacket creates that confident businessman look that speaks to your professionalism.

Ladies, by adding completer pieces you too get that confidant professional look! This is your second rule.


Rule #3: Accessories

Finally, the icing on the cake! Accessories – including jewelry – are the third rule! Like the beautiful cupcakes of Miss Moffett’s Mystical Cupcakes, your outfit just isn’t complete without the icing!

Men, this includes you! Cuff links, watches, and simple necklaces that bring meaning to you (such as a religious symbol) really create that pulled together look that many CEOs of Fortune 500 companies possess.

Ladies, the accessories you choose really speak to who you are as a business woman. Are you a creative/think outside the box type? Or, are you a more formal down to business type of professional?


Bonus Rule:

Lastly, the most important thing to remember is none of this matters until you sparkle from the inside out. Enhance your inner sparkle today with these simple tips!


Ruthanne Tedder is an accessory stylist with Premier Designs, By Ruthanne Marie


image credits: The Completer, Accessories

Hello! I am an Accessory Stylist with Premier Designs and I bring the BLING! My goal is to attract a team of empowered women, while achieving an income to support my girls.

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