Lessons Learned Michael Lynch v. Pacific Foods of Oregon

Lessons Learned: Michael Lynch v. Pacific Foods of Oregon

Ed Lynch, one of the founders of Pacific Foods, passed away in 2015.   At the time of his death, Pacific…
Stop Asking For Facebook Page Likes

Why You Need To Stop Asking For Facebook Likes

"Stop asking for 'likes' your Facebook pages! It's damn annoying and adversely affects your 'reach'. Those ‘likes’ you are getting?…
TPMS tire pressure warning icon

When Was The Last Time You Checked Your Tire Pressure?

Our world has changed, thanks to technology, to ‘set it and forget it’. Our vehicles are no different. Knowing when…
An innovative way to help your favorite local charity through a real estate sale or purchase - our Passion Team and We Donate Together.

How to Help A Local Charity Through Real Estate

This morning I had the privilege of meeting up at Mixx 96FM in Olympia with RE/MAX agents Kathryn Dunham and…