By Intentionally Networking, Together
Everyone Achieves More

The IN TEAM was started to connect the business people of Thurston County by intentionally networking. I'm Alan Shimamoto and I started this group after seeing the power of having others be the best referral source. When you share what you do and who you are with a large network, great things happen. You expand the number of people who know what you do. As other members do business in a different area, they're able to hear the problems of other business people. Those people may need your service to solve that problem. By making that connection, you make it easy to refer you, increasing the amount of business you'll receive.

We held our first meeting in September of 2016. Within 6 months, we had over 160 members! Words has travelled quick, and many business owners are doing extremely well in Thurston County, Washington because of it. The IN TEAM has been successful because our founders and members have been involved with networking before. Through working together, we've built an efficient model that helps area business owners get great results!

Some of the elements we implement that lead to abundance are:

    • The Right Mindset – We share our mission and vision at every meeting. This consistency results in our members knowing why we meet and what we want to accomplish. We all want to grow by helping each other, so we keep that in mind.
    • The More the Merrier –  We allow more than one member in each business category. We believe there's enough business to go around and knowing those who provide solutions to problems increases the value of our members.
    • Other Networks Welcome – If you're a member of a different networking group, that's fine!
    • Focused on Connecting– All members keep each other in mind when they're out doing business with others.
    • Updates and Information– Our members share information about events and special things their businesses are doing.
    • 7-minute Spotlight Presentation –Once a week, a member gets to showcase themselves and their business.
This provides all our members the opportunity to get to know the presenter a lot better. There's a lot of positive energy and business passed at every IN TEAM Meeting. We invite you to come to one of our weekly meetings.

Your first time as our guest is complimentary.

Just come by and see if you'd like to join other business owners who are intentionally networking.

Together Everyone Achieves More


The IN TEAM is a membership based group that focuses on a culture of intentionally building relationships, community, and connections. We believe in referring business, and helping each other personally and professionally. If you know a business that could benefit from an amazing community of people, please invite them to come as your guest and SHARE this event.


We have weekly meetings at different locations, allowing you to pick which meeting to attend. This is great for our members who are on the go. The ability to do business in multiple locations is one thing our members love most.

We join forces with some of the best networkers around which provides opportunities to intentionally connect and share. Ultimately this will increase the bottom line for all our members if they participate consistently.

We also hold monthly "huddles" where we learn about a topic from one of our member experts. For example, our SEO expert could walk us through how to maximize your Facebook Business Page. All of this makes sure our members are up-to-date on what tools to use for business success. 

There is also a great deal of camaraderie and friendships developed as an added benefit of joining our group.

Our Vision – For the IN TEAM and our members to become the premier resource for business referrals for our local community.

Our Mission - To connect businesses and people through intentional relationships.         

Join the IN TEAM to benefit from the power of intentional networking!